AAPG ERC Lisbon 2015

Petroleum Systems in the Lusitanian Basin

16th - 17th May 2015, Pre-Conference, 2 days

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This field-trip is an overview of the Petroleum Systems of the Lusitanian Basin.
A pre-salt system is sourced by Silurian and Carboniferous black-shales, feeding Late Triassic redbeds, which will be observed near Coimbra. A second system is sourced by deep marine marls, visited at São Pedro de Muel and Peniche, feeding Early Cretaceous fluvial siliciclastic, observed at Praia da Vitória. The third system is sourced by Late Jurassic lagoonal carbonates, feeding Late Jurassic turbidites and fluvial siliciclastics, observed at São Martinho do Porto and Santa Cruz. Most of the stops are at coastal cliffs or beaches and the overall evolution of the basins and its petroleum systems will be discussed, with emphasis on subsidence and maturation, as well as tectonic and diapiric controls.

  • Paleozoic basement and Upper Triassic red-beds
  • Lower and Middle Jurassic carbonate sequences
  • Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous siliciclastic reservoirs
  • Source-rocks, reservoirs and diapiric structures
  • Subsidence and maturation
  • Petroleum Systems Analysis

Itinerary: Lisboa-Coimbra (2.5 h) » Coimbra » São Pedro de Muel » Nazaré (overnight) » S.Martinho do Porto » Peniche » Santa Cruz » S.Cruz-Lisboa (1 h)

Includes light lunch at C.Mondego, fish dinner at Nazaré, accomodation at Nazaré, light lunch at Peniche and a visit to Óbidos.

Difficulty Grade 2 – Stop and walk along wide paths or beaches