AAPG ERC Lisbon 2015

Field Trips

The Results are in!

As voted by you, the field trips running either side of this field trip have been decided.

Registration for these field trips is coming soon, but please see below for a summary of each trip!

  Petroleum Systems in the Lusitanian Basin

16th-17th May 2015, Pre-Conference, 2 days


This field-trip is an overview of the Petroleum Systems of the Lusitanian Basin. A pre-salt system is sourced by Silurian and Carboniferous black-shales, feeding Late Triassic redbeds, which will be observed near Coimbra. A second system is sourced by deep marine marls, visited at São Pedro de Muel and Peniche, feeding Early Cretaceous fluvial siliciclastic, observed at Praia da Vitória. The third system is sourced by...read more

  Siliciclastic Reservoirs in the Lusitanian Basin

17th May 2015, Pre-Conference, 1 day

This field trip will address the main siliciclastic reservoirs of the Lusitanian Basin. The focus will be in two different units: i) Late Jurassic turbiditic and fluvio-deltaic deposits, to be observed at the Santa Cruz and Areia Branca beaches; ii) Lower Cretaceous braided fluvial siliciclastics, to be observed at Torres Vedras (related with a nearby piercing diapir) and the Praia d’El Rey beach. The Late Jurassic deposits have been a classical exploration target in...read more

Carboniferous Black-shales and Shale-gas Potential

20th-21st May 2015
, Post-Conference, 2 days

This field trip will address the shale-gas potential of Carboniferous units in southern Portugal. Most of the trip will be along wild coastal cliffs and beaches of the Southwest Coast Natural Park (PNSACV). We will look at deep marine turbiditic sequences, containing black-shales, affected by...read more