AAPG ERC Lisbon 2015

About the Conference

The Peri-Tethyan area hosts a number of large and smaller hydrocarbon provinces in platforms, rifts, foreland basins and the frontal parts of thrust belts. These hydrocarbon provinces are related to a wide range of source rocks occurring in Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic series.

Western Tethys produced well developed Mesozoic rift-related basins, most of which were destroyed during the Alpine orogenic cycle and were overthrusted by or incorporated into orogenic wedges. At the same time, to the West, a new rifting was giving birth to the Central Atlantic and later on to the North Atlantic, competing with the Western Tethys evolution. This trans-European geodynamically complex region hosts a number of highly diversified petroleum systems, with excellent exploration perspectives.

From the Black Sea to the Atlantic, a large number of companies are dealing with exploration within this geodynamic framework and different kinds of hydrocarbon discoveries are now a well-known reality. New areas, new plays and new opportunities are arising, as this this region is becomes increasingly important for Europe’s energy demand.

This Conference aims to bring together people from Industry and Academia, from East-European to West-European countries, to analyze, discuss and launch perspectives for increased exploration in this attractive region.

Conference Themes:

» Paleogeographic Reconstructions
» Tethyan Petroleum Systems, Proven and Speculative
» Paleozoic Source rocks and New Plays
» Oblique Margins and Petroleum Systems
» Basin Inversion and Petroleum Systems
» Foreland Basins
» Tertiary Plays
» Atlantic Margins
» Unconventional Plays
» Depletion and Geological Storage
» Plus Keynote speakers & pre and post-conference field trips.
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Over 2 days, this exciting conference featured 84 different talks from a wide variety of speakers.

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