AAPG ERC Lisbon 2015

"Tethys-Atlantic Interaction Along the European-Iberian-African Plate Boundaries"

This event is now closed.

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Welcome from Conference Chairs

Nuno Pimentel
University of Lisbon
Rui Pena dos Reis
University of Coimbra
"For the first time, Lisbon is hosting an AAPG Conference & Exhibition and we are truly happy about this opportunity to share it with you!

With its historical buildings embracing the Tagus River, Lisbon is an Atlantic city with a Mediterranean flavour. With a welcoming atmosphere, mild climate and excellent food, Lisbon is becoming one of the most attractive places for touristic getaways and short visits.

Portugal has a strategic location in Western Europe, a place where the Mediterranean ends and the Atlantic begins. That’s our history and also our Geology. Our sedimentary basins show the record of the Western Tethys opening and closure, as well as the Central & North Atlantic birth and development. Lisbon is therefore the perfect place to feel and approach this unique situation.

AAPG – Europe Region and the Universities of Lisboa and Coimbra invite you to join us in this exciting Conference!

We look forward to meeting you all in Lisboa!"

Have a look at the conference programme...

Over 2 days, this exciting conference featured 84 different talks from a wide variety of speakers. 

Click here to view the schedule of talks for Monday the 18th May.

Click here to view the schedule of talks for Tuesday the 19th May.
Click here to view the poster presentations which were on display throughout the conference.