AAPG ERC Bucharest 2016
This event is now closed.

Petroleum Systems of Alpine-Mediterranean Fold Belts and Basins


AAPG Europe is proud to announce a Regional Conference scheduled to take place on 19th - 20th May, 2016. 

A first for AAPG Europe, the event will take place in the wonderful city of Bucharest. Romania is not only the largest producer of oil and gas in Central and Eastern Europe, but also a country where hydrocarbon exploration has a very long history going back to the late 1800s. 

Recent years have seen a significant rise in E&P activities in the broader region, including the Black Sea. This is partly due to the new technologies applied  and partly to the simple fact that the well-established petroleum exploration plays in the area became overmature and cannot meet anymore the reserve replacement needs. Therefore previously unexplored deepwater basin segments and underexplored internal parts of fold belts are opening up with ongoing seismic and drilling activities.

Romania Black Sea Exploration – The Opening of a New Deepwater Frontier
Tristan Aspray
Exxon Mobil
ExxonMobil has been exploring in the Romanian sector of the Black Sea since 2008, with our partner, OMV Petrom. After acquisition of a 3D seismic survey in 2009, we drilled the Domino-1 gas discovery in 2012. This was the first deepwater discovery anywhere in the Black Sea. This discovery was followed by acquisiiton of... (Read More...)

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