ERC Europe Regional Conference Vienna: Paratethys Petroleum Systems between Central Europe and the Caspian region


AAPG Europe is proud to announce a Regional Conference scheduled to take place on 26-27 March 2019. This event will take place in the wonderful city of Vienna in Austria, located in the western segment of what explorers call the Paratethys region of Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Despite the dramatic drop of the oil price in the last few years, overall, the last decade saw a significant rise in E&P activities in regions which were previously underexplored and new frontiers for oil and gas exploration are opening up globally. This comes as a result of improved exploration technologies as well as geopolitical developments which have led to increased accessibility in some countries. Both of these factors apply to some parts of the former “Eastern” Europe, the former Soviet Union and Central Asia.

Regional and topical themes

This conference will concentrate on the petroleum systems of the Paratethys from a hydrocarbon exploration and geoscience perspective. The geographic focus will be on the Pannonian, Black Sea, Caspian Sea basins and various Alpine folded belts and their foredeep/foreland basins in the same region including the Alps, Carpathians, Balkans, Pontides, Crimea and the Caucasus. There are many exploration topics which are unique to the Paratethys region which are captured in the session themes listed below.

Who should attend?

This event will be of interest to upstream oil and gas industry professionals exploring the broader area of Central/Eastern Europe and Asia. Participation by academic researchers and students with an interest in hydrocarbon exploration and regional geology is also very welcome.

Planned technical sessions
  1. Petroleum systems of the Paratethys: what is proven and what is speculative?
  2. The Maykop Formation and its equivalents in the Paratethys: a regional overview
  3. Sequence stratigraphy in the Paratethys and correlation issues with the global stages
  4. Improving the stratigraphic resolution within the Paratethys
  5. The signature of the Messinian sea-level drop in the Paratethys
  6. Paleogeographic changes in the Paratethys related to the evolution of marine connections
  7. Case studies of application of geochemistry and basin modelling in the Paratethys region
  8. The folded belts of the Paratethys: case studies from the Alps to the Caucasus
  9. Unconventional exploration targets in the Paratethys region
  10. Yet-to-find studies in various parts of the Paratethys