AAPG ERC Bucharest 2016

Conference Themes:

» Black Sea: stratigraphy, structure and exploration status
(Session Chairs: Gabriel Ionescu, PETROM, and Michael Brown, ExxonMobil)

» Exploration challenges in Alpine folded belts
(Session Chairs: Csaba Krezsek, PETROM, and Piotr Krzywiec, Polish Academy of Science)

»Foredeep and foreland basins in Europe
(Session Chairs: Valentina Cujba, PETROM, and Hans-Gert Linzer, RAG)

» Petroleum systems of the Paratethys
(Session Chairs: Reinhard Sachsenhofer, University of Leoben, and Cristina Ungureanu, PETROM)

»Basin modelling: case studies from European basins and fold belts
(Session Chairs: Radu Olaru, PETROM, and Thomas Rainer, OMV)

» Sequence stratigraphy in the European Tethys and Paratethys
(Session Chairs: Octavian Catuneanu, University of Alberta, and Mike Simmons, NEFTEX)

» Stratigraphic challenges in the Tethys and Paratethys
(Session Chairs: Sorin Filipescu,  Babeș-Bolyai University and Marius Stoica, University of Bucharest)

» Source-sink systems and provenance
(Session Chairs: Mihai Ducea, University of Tucson, and Stephen Vincent, CASP)

» Pre-Alpine tectonics and paleogeography
(Session Chairs: Antoneta Seghedi, GeoEcoMar, and Gabor Tari, OMV)

» Salt tectonics
(Session Chairs: Janos Urai, University of Aachen and Zsolt Schleder, PETROM)

»Lithospheric and crustal-scale geology and geophysics in Europe
(Session Chairs: Victor Mocanu, University of Bucharest, and Fadi Nader, IFPEN)

»Unconventional exploration
(Session Chairs: Alexander Kitchka, Naftogaz, and Bogdan Popescu, Zeta Petroleum)

» Student poster session
(Session Chairs: Mihai Simionescu, University of Bucharest, and Anca Biliuta, University of Bucharest)