NICE - APPEX Regional 2015

Is there a new elephant hiding in the Herodotus Basin?
A new area of 80,000 is now open for exploration offshore the Western Desert of Egypt. To increase understanding of the petroleum systems, identify the play types and define future exploration blocks, new regional geophysical data is crucial. The area can be divided into a continental margin where the North African onshore Matruh Basin extends offshore, and the deep water Herodotus Basin. Approximately 5,000 line km of new geophysical data is tentatively planned to be acquired during the first quarter of 2016. Areas to be covered and line locations are being planned in collaboration with EGAS and companies prepared to explore this frontier area.
About the Speaker

Graduated from Curtin University of Technology, Australia with a MSc. in Exploration Geophysics in 1998. Employed by PGS and has worked in different positions. Started in the Data Processing department in 1999 and moved into the MultiClient department in 2007. Currently he is Project Manager for the Middle East and CIS group based in the headquarters of PGS in Oslo. Øystein has been involved in and developed geophysical projects in Russia, Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon.

Exploration and Production Opportunities spanning the Atlantic Margin