Sicily 2015

About the Conference

Fractured reservoirs represent both a challenge and an extremely valuable hydrocarbon resource. Although the resources are extensive, production from these reservoirs is hampered by our inability to optimize and forecast their performance. Amongst the key factors controlling performance are the location, orientation, permeability, connectivity and conductivity of faults and other fractures. It has been pointed out repeatedly by various contributors that in order to increase our success in developing these resources the integration of data from a variety of disciplines is necessary. More recently the importance of outcrop based, multi-scale structural studies has been reemphasized as being paramount for improving our understanding of fault and fracture networks in the subsurface.

The conference will focus on several aspects of fractured reservoir characterization and it aims to bring together geoscientists and engineers from the industry and academia to share knowledge and lessons learned and to discuss options for future research. The session themes aim to span several scales of observation from the micro to the regional scale and draw on experience from different tectonic settings.


Planned Technical Sessions

1. Characterisation of fault and fracture networks from the regional to the microscopic scale.

2. The geological evolution of fractured reservoirs from outcrop and subsurface data.

3. Seismic technologies for imaging and quantifying fracture properties

4. Advances in the application of models (numerical and physical) to rock deformation studies for subsurface investigations

5. Integration of static and dynamic data for understanding fractured reservoirs and forecasting their performance.

6. Advances in flow modelling for dual porosity or permeability systems

7. Geographic Information Systems applications in the study of reservoir rocks and their analogues

8. Tools for measuring stress, strain, fracture networks, permeability, connectivity, and conductivity: The study of the relationships between these parameters

9. Examples of the application of outcrop data to subsurface investigations

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