Sicily 2015

Field Trips

Field Trip 1. Eastern Sicily - 15th April 2015 "Centuripe Thrust Top Basin and Monte Judica Thrust System"

This field-trip will enable you to gain a detailed insight into the tectonic features and stratigraphy which evolved as a result of Africa-European Plate convergence. The Centuripe Basin is the first stop, a thrust top basin characterised by shallowing upwards Tortonian to Pliocene stratagrapic sequences. Here, we will have an opportunity to view brecciated clays, as well as pinch-out Messinian carbonates, ‘Calcare di Base’. Next, we will stop at Monte Judica, an opportunity to view the Triassic and Jurassic transitional basinal to oceanic strata, grading from limestones into radiolarites, as well as the opportunity to view structural fold and joints.

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Field Trip 2. Southern Sicily - 18th April 2015 "Fault and Fracture Analysis Along the Scicli-Ragusa Strike-slip Fault Zone"

This field-trip will involve detailed structural analysis along the Scicli-Ragusa strike-slip fault zone, formed by kinematics in the Upper Miocene-Lower Pliocene. Scicli will be the first stop, providing the opportunity to observe compactive shear bands of porous carbonates, tight carbonates and the main fault planes of the fault zone. Next, Modica, with the opportunity to view the architecture of high-angle strike-slip and normal faults and multi-scale dimensional fault properties. Lastly, we will stop at Ragusa, to observe evidence of a carbonate reservoir with fault and fracture controlled hydrocarbon migration and storage within the Ragusa oil field.

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Field Tip 3. Mount Etna – 18th April 2015 “Inside the Volcanology of Mount Etna”

This field-trip provides a fantastic opportunity to visit one of the most geologically active stratovolcanoes in the world within a complex geo-dynamic setting. As well as providing an insight into the history of versatile Etnean volcanism, the trip will also offer an overview into the formation of the volcanoes main morphological features and basaltic lava flow formations. The trip will begin with an overview of the lower flank Etnean edifice, followed by a chance to view a graben fault structure and evidence of pyroclastic cone alignment. We will then observe the iconic caldera of Valle del Bove at 2050m a.s.l. a fantastic panoramic viewing point, with archetypal pahoehoe lava structures visible at the bottom of the valley.

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