AAPG ERC Cyprus 2017

Mesozoic Plays offshore Croatia 

Through integration of palaeogeographic maps, petroleum systems analysis and play fairway mapping of the region, CGG GeoConsulting (Robertson) have identified areas offshore Croatia with high potential for both oil and gas. The talk ‘Mesozoic Plays offshore Croatia’ will focus on Source/Charge, Reservoir and Seal/Trap potential. Each element will be inspected in detail in order to provide a solid foundation on which an exploration department could build a geological story, and use it to identify their next target.

About the Speaker

Steve McArdle- CGG GeoConsulting

Steve McArdle has been a Petroleum Geologist with CGG GeoConsulting (Robertson) for over 5 years. Based in North Wales, UK, Steve works on the Robertson global database of play fairways and petroleum systems known as Tellus and is team leader for the Europe and Para-Tethys region. His interests include the holistic analysis of play fairways and petroleum systems and an understanding of global, regional and local influences on their development.