AAPG ERC Cyprus 2017

Carbonate reservoirs of the circum-Adriatic: Review and Insights

The circum-Adriatic region is one of the most important geological provinces of the Mediterranean for the production and storage of hydrocarbons, with a large proportion of the in place reserves stored in carbonate reservoirs of Mesozoic and Cenozoic age. The aim of our presentation is to present an up-to-date review and provide valuable insights into the carbonate plays of the circum-Adriatic area, with a strong focus on exploration-related issues. Emphasis is placed on the key carbonate reservoirs and their potential on a regional basis, so as to provide a framework for exploration in underexplored areas. Synthesis of these datasets has allowed us to classify the carbonate reservoirs into at least seven key plays, ranging from Triassic to Neogene in age. Examples of each reservoir type will be presented, supported by subsurface data. We base our findings on both extensive in-house work on these carbonate systems, and the considerable published data in the area.

Our presentation is aimed at both Industry personnel and academics alike, and will provide an excellent regional context in which to understand the future potential of these carbonate reservoirs.

About the Speaker

Julie Dewit - Cambridge Carbonates

Julie Dewit is a geologist at Cambridge Carbonates specialised in carbonate diagenesis and reservoir characterisation. She completed her PhD in 2012 at the KU Leuven (Belgium) focussing on the diagenesis and reservoir properties of hydrothermal dolomite reservoirs. Following her PhD she worked as a post-doctoral researcher on the interaction of igneous bodies and carbonate reservoir rocks and the characterisation of continental carbonate geobodies for improved reservoir quality prediction in the South Atlantic Pre-salt. She joined Cambridge Carbonates in 2015. Here she contributed to a review of the geology of the Circum-Adriatic region, before setting off for mapping and sampling in the Papuan fold-and-thrust belt for enhanced reservoir characterisation of the giant Tertiary gas discoveries. At this moment she is actively involved in different projects covering the sedimentology, diagenesis and petrophysical properties of carbonate reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico, Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea.

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