AAPG ERC Cyprus 2017

Poster Presentations
Posters will be on display throughout both days of the conference

Tectonic Evolution of the Mediterranean Sea
Structural history of the Eratosthenes Continental Block (Offshore Cyprus) and related playsAude Cesbron, Beicip-Franlab
An Overview of the Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean and the NW Arabian Plate Since the Mesozoic, Ramadan Ghalayini, Independant Consultant
Advanced Paleomagnetic Mapping Unmasks Tectonic Pattern of the Easternmost Mediterranean, Lev Eppelbaum, Tel Aviv University
Mechanical Stratigraphy as a Control on the Propagation of the Oligo-Miocene Normal Faults in the Levant Basin, Celine Eid, American University of Beirut 

Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterisation
A Sequential Acid Leaching Procedure to Improve Sr Isotope Stratigraphy Age Determination, Sidonie Revillon, SEDISOR/UMR 6538 Géosciences Océan
External factors controlling the submarine channels development: a case study of Late Pliocene channel interval in deep water of Levant Basin, Yakufum Niayzi, University of Haifa
Characterizing the submarine fan deposits fans of Pindos foreland, western Greece: Constraints based on statistical treatment of bed thickness distribution, ichnofauna research and conglomerate clast composition analysis, Avraam Zelilidis, University of Patras, Department of Geology
New Play Concepts Invoked in the Exploration of the Deepwater Frontier Ionian Sea, Italy, Martyn James, Martyn James Consulting

Evolution of Subsurface Fluid Escape at the Palmachim Disturbance, the Levant Basin, SE Mediterranean Sea, Ovie Emmanuel Eruteya, Department of Geosciences, University of Haifa, Israel

Petroleum Systems
Digital Gas Lift Technology- A new trend to optimize the production by analyzing the trend of well behavior using virtual design and configuration details, Saroj Choudhary, Weatherford
Development of a High Pressure Natural Gas Network for Cyprus, Thomas Theofanous, A&P Group of Companies
Proven and Potential Petroleum plays in the Central Mediterranean Region, Angelo Ricciato, GEPlan Consulting
Next Exploration Frontiers
Tectono-sedimentary architecture and Petroleum potential of Middle Eocene reservoir in Kerkennah Islands (Tunisia), Asma Bennour, Faculty of science of Tunis
Tectono-sedimentary architecture and Petroleum potential of the middle Miocene Levels in the Gulf of Hammamet, Tunisia, Rawia Ayed, Faculty of sciences of Tunis
Soft-sediment deformation as reflected in the Miocene deposits in Cyprus: Evidence of syndepositional tectonics, Avraam Zelilidis, University of Patras, Department of Geology

Geophysical Methods and Technologies
Badenian Anhydrite, the Best Stratigraphic and Seismic Marker in East European Platform, Dragos Cristia, Petroleum-Gas University Ploiesti
Decimeters-resolution deep sea multi-channel seismic profiling: an essential tool for offshore site surveying, Omri Gadol, Department of Marine Technologies, University of Haifa
Can marine Ex-Bz transient system be used for delineating near shore hydrocarbon targets? Eldad Levi, The Geophysical Institute of Israel
Seismic velocity problems to explore Pliocene clastic reservoir, Temsah field, offshore Nile DeltaAmr Shalaby, Petrobel

Drilling in the Deep Water and Deep Targets
Deepwater Oil and Gas Resources in a Low Oil Price and Carbon Constrained Environment, Constantinos Hadjistassou, University of Nicosia

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