AAPG ERC Cyprus 2017

The hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Eratosthenes Continental Block: The Zohr play and other carbonate plays in the region offshore Cyprus 

The 2015 discovery of the Zohr giant gas field (~30 TCF) by ENI has proven a previously untested carbonate play in the Eastern Mediterranean and renewed the interest in the hydrocarbon potential of the area. ENI has reported ~650 meters of gas column (~400 m of pay) from a reef reservoir that is built on the flanks of the Eratosthenes Continental Block. 

The Eratosthenes Continental Block, which is almost in its entirety in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone, appears to have been the location of shallow-water carbonate deposits from the Early Jurassic to the Late Cretaceous. Several plays associated with the ECB have been identified and will be presented here: 1. A Cretaceous carbonate reef play; 2. Jurassic reef structures; 3. Miocene folds of carbonate strata. 4. Erosional remnants along the ECB margins and 5. Deep (Triassic dolomite?) horst structures.

About the Speaker

Efthymios Efthymiou - Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company

Efthymios Efthymiou is a Geophysicist with over eight years’ experience working in the oil and gas industry. He worked for three years (2009-2011) with Ikonscience as a Quantitative Interpretation Geophysicist working on various reservoir characterisation projects from all over the world. He also worked for four years with Chevron based in Perth, Australia as an Exploration Geophysicist during a very successful exploration drilling campaign (more than 20 new gas discoveries between 2009 -2015, adding more than 7 TCF of resources). Last year he joined the newly formed Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company based in Nicosia, Cyprus.