Bari 2016
1 Day Post- Conference Field Trip (30th April 2015)

Deformation Mechanisms and Structural Architecture of Strike-Slip and Normal Faults in Tight Limestone Rocks (Murge Plateau, Southern Italy)

Field Trip Leaders
Emanuele Tondi, Geology Division, School of Sciences and Technology, University of Camerino Fabrizio Agosta, Dipartimento di Scienze, Università della Basilicata

It is known how a good understanding of the fracturing processes and of the mechanisms of fault nucleation and development is critical for evaluating the hydraulic behavior of deformed carbonates. The Upper Cretaceous Apulian limestone rocks cropping out in many inactive quarries in the Murge Plateau provides an excellent opportunity to investigate the aforementioned deformation mechanisms, as well as to document the dimensional parameters of high-angle faults with offsets ranging between a few millimeters to several tens of meters. During the field trip, we will focus on 3D exposures of normal and strike-slip fault zones crosscutting micritic limestone rocks arranged in laterally continuous beds. We will be able to observe examples of both background and localised deformation, as well as of the control exerted by faults and fractures on subsurface fluid flow and karst processes.

Itinerary Bari – Altamura. Altamura – Minervino. Minervino – Bari. Stops in the inactive quarries and lunch in Gravina.