APPEX Global 2016

Global E&P - What's Next? A Geoscience Perspective

This talk will review from a geoscience viewpoint, the concept of ‘new places with old ideas’ and ‘old places with new ideas’ in the generation of new E&P opportunities, and how many of the risks involved can be reduced by the proper application of sound geological principles as the foundation for technology-based interpretations.

About the Speaker

Sue Corrigan - Backtobasics Geosciences Ltd

Sue Corrigan has over 40 years’ industry experience in both exploration and development geoscience, both with major companies such as Shell, Amoco, Hess and Tullow, and also as an independent consultant. She has performed extensive reservoir evaluations for field development projects in the North Sea (UK, Norway, Netherlands), Algeria, Venezuela, UAE, Mozambique, and West Africa (offshore Ghana), including active participation in several major field unitisations, potential acquisitions and divestments. She has also worked in recent years on exploration projects in East Africa (Uganda and Kenya) and Sub-Saharan Africa (Chad, Niger).

Sue places great importance on the application of sound basic geological principles as the foundation for both exploration and field development projects in order to optimise commercial decisions, particularly in the geomodelling environment, using field outcrop examples as analogues where possible. She also recognises the importance of mentoring and transferring these skills to early career professionals.

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