APPEX Global 2016

Unlocking Petroleum Systems and Play Types in the UK Rockall Trough

The Rockall Trough is a major frontier basin, now attracting considerable industry attention following the acquisition of open-access broadband 2D seismic by the OGA, and in light of the upcoming UK 29th Frontier Round and activity in the adjacent Irish sector. Exploration in the UK sector of this major basin system has been limited to twelve wells, drilled in water depths ranging from 1,370 ft to 6,190 ft and resulting in discovery of the Benbecula gas field.

This talk addresses proven and potential petroleum systems and play types developed within this basin, based on exploration results from the Irish and UK sectors and from experiences in other North Atlantic basins off Ireland, the UK and Norway.

About the Speaker

Mark Sawyers - Beagle Geoscience

Mark is managing director of Beagle Geoscience, a consultancy based in rural South East England. He has been a geophysicist since 1981, starting in potential fields before moving into seismic processing and then interpretation, with spells at Phillips, Conoco, Sun, Brabant and Enterprise Oil as an employee, and numerous others since as a consultant. He co-authored the Paleocene chapter of the Millennium Atlas and teaches an industry training course on 3D seismic interpretation. He has a BSc in Physical Geology from the University of Exeter and an MSc in Geophysics from Imperial College. One of Beagle’s main tasks is supplying the geoscience for the UK Discovery Digest. Now in its 17th year of publication, the publication has provided E&P professionals with essential illustrated geoscience analyses of drilling activity and exploration in the UKCS. Today’s talk uses material from a soon to be published Digest article.

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